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How to Write Newsworthy Articles

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News is the information that is reported in the media, whether it be on TV, radio or print. It is the way that people keep informed about current events in their community and around the world. News stories can include anything from the death of a celebrity to a government crackdown on freedom. The news can also be controversial or inspiring, and will often have a dramatic impact on the lives of the people involved. News articles usually contain a title and a main paragraph which contains the important details of the story. The article should be clearly written and based on fact. If there is an opinion or comment included, it should be attributed to a trustworthy source.

When writing a news article, it is important to consider the audience for whom you are writing. This will influence the content and style of the article. For example, a local school news article will have a different audience than a national or international news article. You should ask yourself what information your audience wants to hear about and what will be interesting to them.

In addition to considering the audience, you must also think about what information is available. The more sources of news that you can find, the more likely you are to get a well-rounded report. The Internet has revolutionised the way that people gather information. It is now possible to be a citizen journalist, reporting on unfolding events via blogs and social networking sites. This has also allowed journalists to work undercover in countries where the government is cracking down on free speech and the media.

A key factor in determining what makes news is that it has to be new. If something happened yesterday, it is unlikely to be reported in tomorrow’s newspapers. However, it can still be news if some of the facts about the event are known for the first time.

Crime is always a popular subject for news stories and can be of any magnitude, from road traffic offences to murders and robberies. The more unusual or serious the crime, the more likely it will be reported. Money is another big news item, with stories ranging from fortunes made and lost to compensation claims.

Although things like droughts, floods and volcanic eruptions can make headlines, they are not as likely to be as newsworthy as the death of a celebrity or a sporting victory. Generally, society is more interested in the achievements of its members than in natural disasters which cannot be prevented.

While it is true that not all news stories are equal, the way in which they are judged is very similar across societies. If a farmer loses his cow and pigs to an insect infestation, that is not likely to be as newsworthy as the deaths of soldiers fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq. This is because the lives of human beings are more important than the lives of animals.

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