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The Four C’s of Good News

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Regardless of what your news is about, there are several considerations that you should consider. These include relevance, shareability, ethical considerations, and timing.


Throughout the history of journalism, timeliness of news has been a top concern. It is one of the keystones of news reporting and the key to the news cycle. Timeliness plays a vital role in the flow of information and in readership.

Its effects have been measured by several studies in the past. However, most of the research in this area has focused on the operational methods used in news production. This study, however, focuses on a different set of metrics: the differences in the reporting of hard and soft news.


Several authors have formulated theories regarding news values. They are based partly on different assumptions. For example, Rosengren derives his theory from the economic relevance of foreign countries to receivers. Others, like Galtung and Ruge, derive their theories from the complex reality.

Research has focused on news values for several decades. Studies have used input-output studies and experimental studies. The results of these studies show that news values vary from media type to media type. For example, commercial TV stations have different news values than public broadcasters.


Despite the challenges, the news industry continues to operate. However, with the advent of the internet and new business models, news publishers have been faced with the need to adapt to the changing nature of their business.

The issue of exclusivity in news has been a topic of debate in several countries. A growing concern is that news outlets may be forced out of business if governments do not regulate their business. In some countries, the issue has even led to debates over monetary compensation for news publishers.


Identifying the factors that affect the shareability of news is an important measure of the impact of news. This is important to both newsrooms and journalists. Several studies have been conducted to determine which linguistic characteristics influence shareability.

Headlines are important to news impact. Several studies have found that news with prominence has a stronger impact on users’ attention. This is because the prominence of news indicates that the news story is relevant to users.

Impact of an event

Despite its relative obscurity, the impact of an event on the news is a hot topic. In fact, an increasing number of researchers are focusing on the social and economic impact of major events. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since events can boost tourism, promote investment and enhance perceptions of a host destination.

But the impact of an event on the news isn’t always so clear cut. For instance, while it’s true that people are more likely to watch news about an event that happens near them, they are much less likely to see it reported on when it happens far away.

Ethical considerations

Using the news media as a platform to highlight an event, cause or issue has its downsides. The public becomes cynical of the news media and it’s reporting. These are not the only concerns. Photojournalists must be mindful of several ethical issues.

Aside from legal restrictions, a photographer’s primary responsibility is to provide coverage that is factual and relevant. However, photographers are often pressured to come up with pictures that are visually pleasing to the eye.

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