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What is Entertaiment?

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Entertaiment refers to the entertainment industry. It is commonly abbreviated as entmt. It is used in television news banners and headlines, but it is not usually used in general prose. However, it does have other uses. Here are some examples: (a) Entertainment at a zoo


Entertainment is any activity that holds an audience’s attention. It can be an idea, task, or performance. It has evolved over thousands of years and has many different forms. People have different tastes and different methods of entertainment, but many forms are easily recognisable, such as drama, music, and storytelling. Entertainment can be public or private, and it can be scripted or unscripted. In addition to providing enjoyment, entertainment can also be a means of intellectual growth and insight.

The evolution of the entertainment industry has created new types of employment. In addition to the traditional jobs of a musician, writer, or composer, many industries have emerged to serve the entertainment industry. Increasing access to content allows individuals and corporations to broadcast their own legitimate entertainment. Technology also improves demand for entertainment products and speeds up the delivery of content. Despite these changes, many traditional forms of entertainment remain. Music, dance, theater, and games have been around for centuries.

Entertainment music

Music is a wonderful source of entertainment, and is used in many different forms. Concerts, dances, shows, and even regular gigs are all ways to enjoy music. Some of these forms involve touring bands, while others feature solo artists. The music in these activities is meant to create an atmosphere and keep the crowd entertained.

A recent outbreak of the coronavirus has hit the entertainment industry hard. The resulting six-month shutdown has cost the industry an estimated $10bn in sponsorships, and longer delays may cost as much as $20bn. Despite the difficulties, the music industry is fighting back. One example is the viral video game Fortnite, which has hosted a live rap concert with thirty million viewers in under a week. The underlying trends in the industry will likely continue.

Entertainment at a zoo

While it is fun to see animals in captivity, the animals used as entertainment often suffer from unnatural training, physical violence, and other ill-treatment. Animals used for these shows are also usually not covered by the federal Animal Welfare Act, and many animals are put through extreme stress. These conditions are not uncommon in circuses, roadside menageries, and aquarium shows.

Zoos provide a variety of fun activities for kids. Many feature a rope course and other adventure activities. Others offer a chance to feed animals. This provides kids with a hands-on experience that teaches them about animal care. Children can also ask questions of the animals while at the zoo, which helps build language development and comprehension skills.

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