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What Is Newsworthy?

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News is current information, obtained from everywhere, delivered to people by means of a variety of media. The information is usually about events, either past or present, which are significant to society. The news is often reported by professional journalists, but it can also be presented by amateurs, such as bloggers or citizen reporters.

News articles must be objective, not influenced by the author’s personal opinion or biases. It is important for a news article to contain accurate information and to be well proofread. It is also important for a news article to be written in a tone and style that is easily understood by the general public. Finally, a news article should always include works cited, to show where the information in the article came from.

Most people agree that the main job of news is to inform readers, listeners or viewers. But it can also entertain them – this is done by music and drama on radio and television, and by cartoons and crossword puzzles in newspapers. Occasionally, news can amuse by simply being strange or unusual.

What is considered newsworthy varies widely across different societies. Traditionally, it has been about people and events that affect people. However, news can also be about non-human things, such as weather, animals or plants. In many countries, news is about politics and government. The actions of politicians and leaders are newsworthy, as are the ideas that they have and the decisions that they make.

People are often interested in the opinions of others, and this is why interviews are so common in news. The opinions of celebrities are often a focus, but they can also be the views of ordinary people. The opinions of experts in a field are often seen as particularly valuable, and it is very useful for news to be able to quote them.

When deciding what is newsworthy, it can be helpful to think about what interests you as a person. For example, if you are interested in agriculture, you may be interested in the fact that an insect has been found that is destroying crops. Similarly, if you are interested in medicine, you might be interested in the discovery of a new drug that could save lives.

Once you have decided what is newsworthy, it is then necessary to decide how it will be reported. For instance, you might decide to report it in a newspaper, on the radio or on TV. You might also decide whether it will be broadcast live, or whether it will be recorded and broadcast later. Generally, the biggest news stories will be given in greatest detail in the first bulletin or on Page One of the paper. Less significant news will be reported in smaller print and on the inside pages.

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